Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Plant biology is all around us

Come along and explore the amazing world of molecular plant biology!

Latest Podcast episodes

  • Meow meow, meow meow meow!

    Believe it or not, we had a chatBot write our title this week. Oh the wonders of science. Speaking of science: plants. Plant science. Sciency plants. planty planty planty science. Now!… Read more

  • Playing around with the ploidy level of plants

    We recorded in advance but then Joram edited late so overall it evens out to just be a day late in your feed. Not that you care, we know you live life like us, one moment at a time, not knowing what day of the week is today. At least we hope you do so we look less messy. Anyway – plants!… Read more

  • The broccoli-cauliflower-conundrum

    We are back from the break! We are completely different but also pretty much the same so come along and learn about mucus seeds, pink cotton, dandelion physics and a play performed by two very much non-actors.… Read more

Latest Articles

  • Rat chews tree for added poison damage

    Rat chews tree for added poison damage

    The crested rat chews the poison arrow plant, extracting a deadly plant poison that is then smeared on its fur for defence.… Read more

  • Penguin Poop is Pink

    Penguin Poop is Pink

    Penguin poop, as it turns out is pink.

    And I need you all to know that – despite what several sources might say- the reason it’s pink, isn’t because of the krill (little sea crustaceans) that they eat.… Read more

  • The Algae Expert who helped Crack Code in WWII

    The Algae Expert who helped Crack Code in WWII

    While some say that hiring Geoffrey Tandy at the top-secret centre for Allied Codebreaking was a result of mistaken terminology, the marine biologist nonetheless used his transferable skills to help win the war.… Read more