Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

You know nothing, RuBisCO.

Sometimes, it’s ok to do a short episode. After all, there is plenty to listen to again on here, so yeah. We talk about RuBisCO research and plants and stuff. It really is like the ones before but different and with other topics.

Joram’s paper: Lobo, A. K. M., Orr, D. J., Gutierrez, M. O., Andralojc, P. J., Sparks, C., Parry, M. A. J., & Carmo-Silva, E. (2019). Overexpression of ca1pase Decreases Rubisco Abundance and Grain Yield in Wheat. Plant Physiology181(2), 471–479.

Tegan’s favourite plant is the golden wattle, not just a wattle. This is the Bruce sketch we mention.

Joram presents the life and work of Arlette Nougarède, a French biologist exploring the inner workings of the shoot apical meristem.

Fun Stuff:

Catapult plant from In Defense of Plants

Tanentzapf lab’s tweet on best practice early in the career

Mental health note is in this paper. The MPG finally started offering psychological support and we welcome this change.

If you’re feeling depressed or down and think about harming yourself: seek help. Here is a list of international suicide help organisations.

Terrifying werewolf cats.

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Our opening and closing music is Caravana by Phillip Gross

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