Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

We were at PTDW

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Hi all. Something a bit different today.

On the weekend, Joram and I went to Communicate Plant Science at the Potsdam Day of Science. Although the communication was in German, which gave me a bit of stress (Figure 1), we managed to have a nice time chatting to the public, giving away some sunflower seeds, and asking them to ask us questions!

Figure 1- It begins!

By far the most common question we got was ‘why are my plants dying!’… which was not always easy to answer. But still, probably the answer is ‘you are giving them too much water’.

Here are some more shots of us on the day (without the public, because Germany has pretty strict photography rules).

We also gave out seed paper- which is literally paper with seeds in it.

Add a bit of soil and water, and in a few weeks, something special should sprout.

You can find the instructions here.

Anyway, thanks everyone who came down, thanks for the questions (we’ll be doing a few featured blog posts and a podcast at some point in the near future), and thanks a lot to both the MPI-MP and Potsdam city for having us.

xx T and J



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