Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

This episode will cure cancer

If you are a plant you are probably indifferent to podcasts. So I’ll just assume you’re a human with ears who also likes podcasts. Boy, are you in for a treat because this here is a new episode of a podcast. What a coincidence! We talk about plant research and non-plant research. Excited? We are too!

Joram’s paper: Zhang, W., Corwin, J. A., Copeland, D. H., Feusieran’s, J., Eshbaugh, R., Cook, D. E., … Kliebenstein, D. J. (2019). Plant–necrotroph co-transcriptome networks illuminate a metabolic battlefieldELife8.

Tegan’s favourite plant is Rhizanphella as featured in this article by Chris J. Thorogood et al.

The 180 million DNA barcode project

Bioplastics are not that much better than regular plastic (probably). Go and listen to the Plastisphere podcast, it is really good, especially the episode about bioplastics. Also this story covers a newly developed edible cover for food to extend shelf life.

This tweet triggered a discussion between us about overselling science stories. What do you think? Are researchers overselling their research to inflate the importance of their work or is it PR who takes it out of context?

Finally, no more cat killing for research.

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