Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

There’s an actual leaf in my chili

Tegan was wearing beautiful earrings. Unfortunately for you, they happen to make a nice little clinking sound that you might or might not pick up from the recording. Also I had terrible discipline in touching noisy wrapping paper. We’re terribly sorry, but the episode is worth it, I promise. 😘

Tegan’s paper: Fang, J., Zhang, F., Wang, H., Wang, W., Zhao, F., Li, Z., … Chu, C. (2019). Ef-cd locus shortens rice maturity duration without yield penalty. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences116(37), 18717–18722. 🔓

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Joram’s favourite plant is bay tree or Laurus nobilis.

Tegan presents the life and work of Janaki Ammal. Here are two more articles on her: Smithsonian, The Better India

Fun Stuff:

What the F*ck, Australia.

Ellen Airhart just started a great new podcast on Plant Crimes. Find her Instagram here and here.

UK roadsides on verge of becoming wildlife corridors, say experts (guardian)

‘Sneezing’ plants may spread pathogens to their neighbors (Science News)

Justin Bieber has cats.

Have you read our cool article on mitochondria?

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