Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Tangent on a tangent on a tangent

This is a long episode because we have so much to tell you. Luckily for you, technology has your back. This episode is best consumed through the use of chapter marks, smart playback and 2x playback speed. Unless you really like us, then there is so much more for you to enjoy.

Paper of the week: Xiang, Y., Huang, S., Huang, T.-Y., Dong, A., Cao, D., Li, H., … Duan, H. (2020). Superrepellency of underwater hierarchical structures on Salvinia leaf. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201900015.

Joram’s favourite plant is the snowdrop. Here is the wiki on the Pusztai Affair.

Tegan presents the life and work of Ynes Mexia whose life would make a great biopic because she was so badass.

Joram presents the Law of the Instrument bias where overfamiliarity with a tool results in the overuse of said tool while disregarding all other options. Bonustrack

This book on Weird Parenting Wins by Hillary Frank is great

First genomic study of schizophrenia in African people turns up broken genes

Succulent Smuggling

Update on the Corona Virus

Bee gut bacteria modified to be helpful symbiont. Also check out this article on the story.

Big time racist is the butt of a joke that took too much effort

People won’t trust unkind science


Correct Horse Battery Staple

This Cat does not exist

This person does not exist

Fat owl

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