Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

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  • Superpowers and lion’s teeth

    Superpowers and lion’s teeth

    Last weekend, the Fast Forward Science competition held its Super Fast challenge – 24 hours to tell a story about science on Instagram… this year, with the topic of “Hero”. I didn’t have to look far in my neighbourhood to find a true hero of the plant world: dandelion.… Read more

  • Poison Peas and the Australian Arms Race

    Poison Peas and the Australian Arms Race

    The synthetic poison 1080 (pronounced ten eighty), is used widely in Australia and New Zealand to control the population of feral animals that threaten local species with extinction. While 1080 is fatal to feral fauna, the scientific magic of it, is that many native species can snack on the substance without any harm. All because of some peas, their poison, and a plant v. herbivore arms race.… Read more