Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Tag: alternative crops and wild relatives

  • Missing: Have you seen this Coffee?

    Missing: Have you seen this Coffee?

    Alternative Title: You’re not a real hipster unless you drink Coffea stenophylla (but you can still be in our club if you choose C. affinis.)

    Coffee. It’s a hot beverage on a cold day, a quick wake-me-up drug to help you through that morning meeting, and a multibillion dollar industry which involves over 100 million people at the farming stage alone.

    Today, we tell the story of two missing coffee species – how they were lost, how they were found again, and what the future might hold for their survival, and that of one of world’s favourite hot beverages.… Read more

  • Pennycress: Arabidopsis’ ‘cooler’ cousin

    Pennycress: Arabidopsis’ ‘cooler’ cousin

    Before last week, I had never heard of pennycress. It’s a relative of our beloved Arabidopsis, that up until now has been firmly relegated to the category of ‘weed’. But its oily seeds, its ability to withstand extreme cold, and the possible ease at which it can be genetically manipulated, just might make it a promising crop plant for the future of food security. … Read more