Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Succulent chicken – Phytomining, Cyanotype, Boosted Tobacco

After an uneventful week, our two main protagonists meet yet again to discuss the ups and downs of current plant research. Tag along as our heroes discuss the true meaning of succulent, how to mine Nickel and why blue plant outlines are so hot right now*. 

*in the 19th century

Joram’s favourite plant is: Alyssum murale – A Ni hyperaccumulator

Tegan presents the life and work of Anna Atkins 1799 – 1871, one of the first women to take photographs ever, the first woman to use photograms as an illustration tool to document plants. Source 1, Source 2 

The Semmelweis reflex is when we are opposed to new ideas that go against our current beliefs. 

Fun Stuff

Cat Fact

Figure captions involving cats; Follow Veronica!

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