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Spinach and strawberries – artificial photosynthesis at the interphase of nature and technology

This week, we’re diving into a science paper that was hard to miss. It’s all about creating artificial photosynthesis using spinach chloroplasts. We also talk about our favourite genome duplication events and news in the world of science.

Paper of the week: Miller, T. E., Beneyton, T., Schwander, T., Diehl, C., Girault, M., McLean, R., … Erb, T. J. (2020). Light-powered CO 2 fixation in a chloroplast mimic with natural and synthetic parts. Science, 368(6491), 649–654. 

Also check out this article about the paper

@CatharticOutlet asked us what our favourite genome duplication event is. Joram’s is strawberries. This paper talks about the octoploid strawberry genome.

Fun Stuff

Congratulations Australia on ignoring science and investing in coal

Bad news: native guava species in Australia at the brink of extinction due to an invasive fungal disease

Wuhan is drawing up plans to test all 11 million residents

The Inquiry Podcast on Germany’s response to Corona

Moths are friends

New names for viruses

Dandelion seeds fly because of a vortex created by the shape of their fluff. Really cool video!

Plant hormone shelf

Awkward botany blog and zine “Dispersal Stories

Cat Fact

How mint became catmint

Can CRISPR give us allergen free cats? (maybe)

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