Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Tegan, tell us about your sparkly armpits

What? Another episode? I thought we were done with episodes. Okay okay, here we go again. Plant science. We love it. You love us. You must love plant science.

Tegan’s paper: He, J., Ye, W., Choi, D. S., Wu, B., Zhai, Y., Guo, B., … Ma, J. (2019). Structural analysis of Phytophthora suppressor of RNA silencing 2 (PSR2) reveals a conserved modular fold contributing to virulence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences116(16), 8054–8059.

Little edit note: Phytophthora is not actually a regular fungus, it is an oomycete, which is a fungus-like eukaryote.

Joram’s favourite plant are mangroves.

Starting this week we want to recognise diversity in plant science. The first person we want draw your attention to is Barbara McClintock.

We hit Earth overshoot day in late July. Yayyyyyyyy! 🎉 Well done, everyone!

Excel is responsible for 20% of typos in scientific data. Don’t use Excel unless you absolutely have to.

Cat sharks do fluorescence on their skin.

Cool tool to convert protein IDs into nice graphics is named Illustrate.

Kary Mullis died earlier this year. He was the inventor of PCR, a crucial tool for modern molecular biology. His personal views were quite controversial.

Why do cats eat grass? To get rid of intestinal parasites.

The rise and decline of bubble tea in Germany as told by the German podcast Rice and Shine.

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