Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Simple Things #3

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

In which we use Randall Munroe’s ‘simple writer‘ to explain plant-and-pipette topics. Can you guess what they are?

Monroe’s ‘simple writer’ limits language use to only the 10 hundred most common words in the English language. So the word ‘chloroplast’ is out. But so is ‘duck’, ‘cuddle’, and ‘explosion’.

We’ve tried to define a plant and pipette related word using only these common words. Can you tell what we’re talking about? The solution is shown at the bottom.

This little living machine is found inside of almost all green living things. When you look close, it looks like a tiny bag of water that is filled with tiny living machines. These machines have helpers to gather sun light and they look green. So, the entire tiny bag of water looks green to us.

In the past, the green bag of water was living on its own. One day it was eaten by a bigger bag of water, but not completely. They began to live together. Today, the work of the tiny green bag of water gives power in the form of sweet stuff to all living things, also you and me.

The answer is: the Chloroplast!

The chloroplast is the organelle in a plant cell that converts sunlight into chemical energy. All animals, us and most microorganisms live off chemical energy that was once fixed by a chloroplast in a plant.



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