Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes


Joram took an electric scooter through the best city in the world to join Tegan in her kitchen for yet another episode about plants and pipettes and things that are fun.

Tegan’s paper: Weits, D. A., Kunkowska, A. B., Kamps, N. C. W., Portz, K. M. S., Packbier, N. K., Nemec Venza, Z., … Licausi, F. (2019). An apical hypoxic niche sets the pace of shoot meristem activityNature569(7758), 714–717.

The root article we published last week (or the week before if you’re listening to this one week later (don’t listen to this later than that or this statement will be inaccurate)).

Joram’s favourite plant: Stylidium graminifolium or trigger grass plant

Welcome to the age of collective narcissism

Go and support your LGBTSTEM friends today on July 5th! And remember to support any other QUILTBAG friends as well!

The age of protein in paleontology

Don’t watch prometheus, it has stupid DNA vision.

Fun cat fact: cats kill 1.1 billion mammals every year in Australia

Our blog post on 1080, a poison to kill off invasive species

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Our opening and closing music is Caravana by Phillip Gross

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