Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Plants and Pipettes and Pens and Paper

For the first half, Tegan is pretty much eating ice cream and Joram is talking about plant science to himself – and to you people out there. So be kind and support Joram in his struggle and listen to his tales. You might also have ice cream to go with it.

Joram’s paper: Sun, Y., Wollman, A. J. M., Huang, F., Leake, M. C., & Liu, L.-N. (2019). Single-Organelle Quantification Reveals Stoichiometric and Structural Variability of Carboxysomes Dependent on the EnvironmentThe Plant Cell31(7), 1648 LP – 1664.

Tegan’s favourite plant is the hog peanut.

Fun Stuff

Support biodiversity hotspots over at

Amazing story about biosphere 2 as heard on the nice try! podcast.

Make sure to cook your beans properly!

Off-target effects in CRISPR analysed by a meta study – turns out there aren’t many.

Goats can understandTaylor Swift Goat Version.

Crops in tight spots – a cool book about gardening on balconies and so on.

The untold story of antimicrobial peptides engineered into trees.

Well done, Hatty.

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