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Help! Squirrels! – Black eyed peas, Georgiana Simpson, and the humor effect

This week, we’re talking about cowpeas and how they grow in arid regions, the contribution of Georgiana Simpson to Black Rights in the US, and the effect of humor on information retention. Plus so much more! 

Joram’s favourite plant is Cowpea Vigna unguiculata, also called black eyed pea

Tegan presents the life and work of Georgiana Simpson.

Joram presents the humor effect

Tegan has a great PhD project idea: Looking for life in weird places. There are microbes that divide only every hundred years and feed isotopes

Plant biologist picked to lead U.K. research funding agency. It’s Ottoline Leyser.

Did global emissions drop more than 5%? Yes, briefly in early April, down to -17%. This was however a very short-lived drop. In total in 2020, the drop will be around 5%. 

The bumper Toby Morris & Siouxsie Wiles Covid-19 box set 

Bird and Moon cartoons

Joram is as good as Tegan when it comes to knowing things about Eucalyptus
Can you beat our score of 7/10?

United States relaxes rules for biotech crops

Fidget spinners to detect UTI (nature paper). Here is a popular science article without a paywall. 

Injectable drug that prevents HIV infection

Joram’s (German) podcast on vaccination: ahaplanthropology podcast episode with Abby Morrison on storytelling in science communication and the bane of jargon

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