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Happy Women’s Day

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We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Women’s Day, 2020.

It’s 2020, and women still struggle to claim equal standing in the STEM (science, tech, engineering, maths) world.

To us, any kind of bigotry in science- on the basis of gender, but also race, sexuality etc., – hurts two times.

First for the bigotry.

Then for the hypocrisy.

As scientists, we want to believe we are smart. But above all, we want to believe in science.

The science is in, and it shows that minorities are being disadvantaged by our current system. And it also shows that diversity makes us better. There are very few conclusions that we, as scientists can come to, other than the fact that we need to make our system better, in order to make science better.

Let’s be clear, there is no logic to sexism and racism, so it is bitterly ironic that the world that purports to be about scientific rigour, about logic, doesn’t walk its own talk about itself and its inner ways of working.

Hinemoa Elder, The Spinoff, 2020. Read the Full article here.

We wish all women and all allies a very happy Women’s Day 2020. We hope you treat it not a single day to think about women, but as a day to set down the plan to make change, that you will act upon for the rest of the year.



* When Plants and Pipettes refers to Women, we refer to all people who identify as women. There is no real feminism without trans-inclusive intersectional feminism.



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