Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Get the hell off my carpet!

We’re finally back together – even though it’s just for one night. We celebrate by recording a podcast for you and we talk about sex changing trees, the tiniest plants and lots of fun stuff.

Paper of the week: Blake‐Mahmud, J. and  Struwe, L..  2020.  When the going gets tough, the tough turn female: injury and sex expression in a sex‐changing tree. American Journal of Botany  107( 2):  339– 349.

Tegan’s favourite plant is Wolffia. Make sure to check out the Charms of Duckweed!

Joram presents the life and work of Wanda Zablocka. DeepL is your friend on this source material.

Tegan presents the Lake Wobegon effect.

Warsaw Palm

UK minister for universities “promoted to be a better dad

Sleeping less than 6 hours per night will lead to cognitive abilities similar to someone who hasn’t slept in two days.

Skydaddy Jeff should fix amazon before greenwashing himself with large donations to fight the climate crisis.

Scientists ❤️ their emojis.

Wrap-around spiders are as terrifying as they sound.

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Our opening and closing music is Caravana by Phillip Gross

Until next time!

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