Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Don’t get me started on the gig economy

We’re busy with applying for jobs and still we’re making more episodes for you. Aren’t we nice? We’re really nice. Plants are also nice and so is plant research. We talk about plant research so this podcast is also nice.

Check out the career conversation podcast! It’s good!

Joram’s paper: Belbin, F. E., Hall, G. J., Jackson, A. B., Schanschieff, F. E., Archibald, G., Formstone, C., & Dodd, A. N. (2019). Plant circadian rhythms regulate the effectiveness of a glyphosate-based herbicideNature Communications10(1), 3704. 🔓

Tegan’s favourite plant are two plants and they are sea grasses named Cymodocea nodosa and Poseidona oceanica.

Check out this video on the downsides of the gig economy (deliveroo, fiverr, etc.) [re:publica 2014 – Florian Alexander Schmidt: Crowdsourcing Design: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly]

This week’s representative of diversity in plant science is Johanna Döbereiner. She contributed important work to the study of nitrogen fixing bacteria and worked for over 50 years in plant science in Brazil.

Progress in project DEAL: More than 700 German research institutions strike open-access deal with Springer Nature (

The amazon rainforest is on fire (way more than in previous years): Amazon fires: what is happening and is there anything we can do? (

F. oxysporum TR4 made its way to the South American continent and threatens banana production. We wrote this article about it.

Chile made a big step forward to fight sexual harassment: Bill to fight sexual harassment in universities approved by Chilean Senate (

Finally, ancient plants can reproduce in the UK (because of the climate crisis): Global heating: ancient plants set to reproduce in UK after 60m years (

‘Crazy cat ladies’ do not exist, scientists say (The Independent)

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