Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Don’t be a hypocrite, be a hypogriff

This week, we’re talking about Tegan’s favourite plant, Elizabeth Mrema, the end-of-history illusion and many fun things from the world of science!

Check out Angela Saini, she gives great talks!

Tegan’s favourite plant is Prasinoderma coloniale. The plant’s genome lead to the description of a new phylum.

Joram presents the work of Elizabeth Mrema. Here is the interview on protecting biodiversity.

Bias: End-of-history illusion 

According to a preprint published on arxiv, papers downloaded from sci-hub get 1.72 times more cited than papers not downloaded from sci-hub

Funny names of papers: 

How to make STEM a safe place for trans and non-binary people

Pride in Stem

Looking for giant things

The angiosperm explosion explored

A mother’s tale about her journey away from the dangers of scientific evidence

Movie special episode that we watch together – Little Joe 

The plant book club

Join us and form a group for ASPB 2020 conference

Organizing a virtual conference changed the way we think about academic exchange

CUTEST images of baby squirrels

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