Plants and Pipettes

we talk about plants and (used to) use pipettes

Demoralized by pandas

Have you ever done an experiment for longer than 2 years? How about 12 years? Today, we’re talking about an extermely longterm experiment that might shed light on the origin of eukaryotes. Plus: a ton more…

This week we had two special days, first up was #WomenInSTEM day on Tuesday, which brought us this beautiful tweet, followed by Darwin Day. Did you know that Darwin was an eager botanist? Now you know.

This week’s paper is Imachi, H., Nobu, M.K., Nakahara, N. et al. Isolation of an archaeon at the prokaryote–eukaryote interface. Nature 577, 519–525 (2020).

Tegan’s favourite plant is the Mongongo.

Joram presents the work of Deborah Charlesworth. Here is an interesting interview with her and her husband.

Tegan presents the Cheerleader effect where individuals are perceived as more attractive when in a group. Here is how Barney Stinson explains it.

Study on how conservatives are physiologically different. And the replicate that show that conservatives and liberals are not physiologically different.

Silencing of academics by their universities

An important message about science communication in a review on the link between genotype and phenotype.

Study shows that Golden Rice is safe (no shit sherlock)

Robert Fortune invented the glass cases to transport plants in the 1830s which enabled plant trade (and theft) across the globe, solidifying Britain’s colonial power. Watch out, glorification of colonialism ahead.

Kollabtree brings the gig economy to science (Joram: 😐; Tegan: 🙂)

Low Tech Magazine summarizes at bit over a year of a solar powered server

The eco gender gap: why is saving the planet seen as women’s work?

Cats are where the women are (according to a study in China)

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