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Advent Calendar Day 24

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It’s the last day before Christmas….

…and we don’t have any plant facts for you today.

Instead, we wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays, and hope those of you who get to have time off work get to relax with friends and family, or just spend some personal time doing whatever makes you happy.

Joram and I aren’t religious, but we are either sufficiently culturally Christian, (or sufficiently hypocritical), to we consistently take time around the end of December to tell our friends we love them, eat unnaturally large amounts of food, and galavant off to different parts of the world (me) or city (him) to catch up with relatives.

Which is to say- we’ll be out for a few days.

German Christmas
Aussie Christmas

If you want something to read in the next few days, here are some suggestions from our Advent Calendar:

Alternatively, you can scroll through the list here.

That’s all for this year’s advent! See ya in time for the new year!



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